Solo Parent Act

Richard flew out to Boston this morning for a work conference.  He’ll be gone for the rest of the week which means I am 100% of the parenting power in the house.

On the plus side, being the only parent means Mommy is never wrong. Of course, you and I know that Mommy is never wrong whether Richard is around or not. But, for reasons passing understanding Richard sometimes seems to not understand or remember this fact so the power of being always right is diminished when he is around. This week the power is in full effect; I’ll try not to let it go to my head.

On the downside, being the only parent means I have to do all the dirty work by myself. And by dirty work I don’t just mean the diapers.

One of the parenting chores that I almost never do now that I work at home is the daycare drop offs and pickups.  Daycare is conveniently in the direction of Richard’s office so it costs him almost no time to deal with the daycare chore.  For me it means a 10 to 15 minute drive to daycare, only to turn around and drive 10 to 15 minutes back home.  On a weeknight that 30 minutes round trip is enough time to make dinner.  So that’s our trade off; Richard does daycare and I do the food.  Oh, and I picked up the laundry chore too just because it’s way easier to do laundry when you work in the same building as the washer, dryer, and closet.

With him off gallivanting about the east coast however, I am left with dinner, laundry, AND daycare.  I hate the driving and the lost time that doing the daycare runs entail, but I confess to liking the opportunity to say hi to his teachers and see him interact with them.  This morning at drop off Samuel all but launched himself out of my arms in the direction of Ms. Harris, and then did the same to her when he saw Ms. Norene.  By all rights I should be jealous of how much he clearly idolizes and adores these women, but I find that I instead am relieved and pleased at this sign that they probably don’t lock the children in closets all day while they sit around drinking gin and playing poker.

Then this afternoon during pickup I got another reward for my heroic single parent act.  When I entered the daycare room Samuel was on the other side of it playing.  When he saw me, instead of dropping to the ground and crawling over, he set off on a wobbly but functional walk…all…..the….way…..across..the……room.  Prior to this I’ve only ever seen him walk a step or two, never the full length of a room.

My first reaction was stunned disbelief.  Never mind that I’ve been saying he was on the verge of walking for months; if the teacher hadn’t been standing next to me watching it as well I would have assumed I was hallucinating.

Once I got past my disbelief I swelled with pride at the natural athletic prowess my child clearly possesses. Surely no other toddler has ever walked across a room so well.

I probably could have happily stayed in this delusional maternal pride mindset for the rest of the night had I not had a sudden realization of the milestone that comes after walking. No, not running, though I understand that comes too and it is something I’m anticipating with all the eagerness of someone headed for the gallows. No, the next milestone I was thinking of was the mastery of the command, “darling, fetch your poor old mother a drink.”

We shall begin working on this important skill at once.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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